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Healing art retreat so you can
nurture your creative soul!

Are you feeling stuck emotionally and out of focus? This healing art retreat will get you back into creative flow and peaceful state of mind.

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 Special Online Retreat

March 18th & 19th 2023 at 12:00PM EST (Get your limited time seat)

Hi! I'm Leah Guzman

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 Only 200 Spots

As an artist an art therapist I will teach you the psychological benefits of creating art, art techniques to ground you, find clarity, and show you how the benefits will have a ripple effect in the world.

I keep the webinars super limited in order to serve everyone who attends

What You Will Learn on This Free Online Retreat:


DISCOVER how to use art to heal.


Art journaling techniques to NURTURE your creative soul.


TRANSFORM blocks that stop you from showing up as your best self

Discover fun art journal techniques that inspires Creative Flow

Healing art Exercise to get you into the creative flow

As a professional artist and board certified art therapist I'm honored to share with you a healing art exercise that will create a ripple effect of art making.

  • Get out of feeling stuck in your art practice
  • Discover a new approach to art and healing
  • Use art as a tool for self-care & mental well-being

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No Art Experience Required

Give yourself the opportunity to use creativity as a way to identify your emotions and use art to release them.

Discover a new approach to art & healing

This isn't about making a pretty picture. This is about taking time for you to be playful and expressive. 

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Use Art as a Tool for Self-Care & Well-being

Art related to your life and set with intention can alchemize your art practice for mental well-being.

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