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Creative Souls Unite

An online creative community using art to heal and manifest the life you desire. 

Leah Guzman Studio

An online creative community using art to heal and manifest the life you desire


“I'm honored to guide you on your journey ”
- Leah Guzman, Art Therapist & Artist

You can do anything you set your mind to.

I'll teach you the skills to tap into your intuition and let your creativity guide you.


Design your journey


Use art as a superpower


Monetize your passion

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Art Therapy

Are you looking for creative healing tools?

Healing is a process. In online art therapy sessions, Leah will guide you to create a practice of self-care and use your art as a tool to regulate emotions. I offer a holistic approach that addresses balancing every area of your life.

Creative Soul Society

Are you craving community and connection?

In the Creative Soul Society, an art making community, we use art as a self-care practice. If you are wanting to learn art journaling to increase coping skills for healing. We also focus on manifesting techniques and make new creative friends.

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Art Business

Are you leveling up your creative business?

I offer a my signature course, The Art of Manifesting Creative Business Program, that infuses coaching for creative business ventures, art therapy for healing your blocks, and group membership support. 


My Mission

I support creatives with healing and manifesting their desires utilizing art media through art therapy services and coaching. I’ve written 3 art therapy books, “The Art of Healing and Manifesting: Creative Exercises to Living an Abundant Life, “Essential Art Therapy Exercises: Effective Techniques to Manage Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD”, and a children’s book, “RAD is SMAD!!” . My signature program, Art of Healing and Manifesting, supports individuals by healing any emotional wounds and transforming energy to be your most authentic self. I also have other online courses such as the Creative Soul Society, a monthly art making group. I focus on the law of attraction. spirituality, and cognitive-behavioral art therapy techniques. Everything in life is interconnected. I’m here to support you in up leveling every area of your life. It’s an honor to have helped thousands of individuals find more joy, wealth, and peace in their lives through my books, individual, and group programs.


"You have a gift and it’s your duty to share it with the world!

I'm honored to guide you on your journey."

-  Leah Guzman

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What others say about the Manifesting Program

Investing in yourself is a game changer.

"Leah is Generous!"

“I was initially drawn to Leah’s Creative Soul Society a couple years ago, via Instagram and I loved her enthusiasm to creating chakra art. Creative Soul Society has been an engaging journey with online meet ups creating with the other members as a community. These are lead by Leah, following an array of engaging creative, spiritual and healing topics. She also has guest speakers and artists.

I then signed up for Thriving Creative. If you’re looking to to start offering your own membership or Course, she offers a well executed vision to getting your ideas into a reality. Leah’s generous with nurture and generous with content.”

- Rebecca Bourne, Intuitive Painter

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Learned so much!

“After stalling out with cognitive, talk-based therapy, I knew I needed to get out of my head and find a more “embodied” approach. I discovered Leah through her art therapy workbook on Amazon, and was intrigued to find she offered a “healing and manifesting” program combined 1×1 counseling, online classes, and group work. Although I was initially afraid to tune into the long-neglected, intuitive, feelings-based side of my personality, Leah put me immediately at ease. The woman practices what she preaches. She is comfortable in her own skin, moves with (rather than resists) the natural flow of life, and is, resultantly, outrageously productive. She is direct in the most gentle way possible, and helped me laugh through a lot of the issues that long inhibited my self-expression. By week 7 of our 14-week package, I got published in my first art exhibit and launched my first website (which I had wanted to do for a decade). I so appreciate her accountability and emotional support, and would recommend Leah to anyone who wants to make progress, at long last, on actually executing on their dreams.”- A

Alexis Obernauer, Writing Coach

"Such a blessing!"

“I have so much to be grateful for and Leah your one of the human beings that has been a HUGE game changer for me. I don’t think I could have gone this far if it wasn’t for your gentle encouragement and beautiful guidance. This has been an incredible year.”

- Nati Love, Personal Development Coach

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“Best in the world!”

“Working with Leah has been a great gift. I came into this process feeling unsure, scared, timid, and full of self-doubt. With Leah's gentle guidance, support, and encouragement, I feel more empowered and confident than ever as an artist, creative teacher, and healer. Leah has helped me step into my power, gain clarity, and start working toward my goals and dreams. I'm painting more than I ever have before, teaching amazing workshops, and I have even started the process of writing a book. I wouldn't be where I am today without my work with Leah.”

-Heather LeCompte - Expressive Arts Therapist, Artist, and Workshop Teacher

"I am so Amazed!"

"I decided to work with Leah because I wanted a coach who really got what I did as an artist, guide and product creator to help me evolve what I desired to do. I have been working with Leah for the last several months and I am so amazed at what I have accomplished in a short amount of time. I love that she helps me work things out for my business and I can do some mindset work with her if I am getting stuck. She always reminds me to celebrate and happily shares my wins with me. If I am avoiding something or just not seeing something, she helps give me that perspective in such a loving way that it's easy to go oh yes I am doing that, how can I shift that without any shame. In addition to working with her 1:1, I love that I have various community aspects to our work too. I highly recommend working with Leah, and I would not be where I am today without her support.”

- Jen Faye Creative Guide

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