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Let art be a healing experience for you.

Your art has a message for you.

The intention for my art therapy practice is to hold space for you to experience your emotions, creatively express them, and cultivate new opportunities for navigating life. My name is Leah Guzman and I’m an art therapy registered board certified art therapist (ATR-BC). My experience working with clients ranges from providing services to at-risk youth in crisis shelters, juvenile jails, and public schools. I also have experience working with adults in homeless shelters, psychiatric hospitals, supporting women in my private practice in person and online. Art has been an outlet for me during turbulent times and it’s my first defense in dealing with life challenges. Art is also a part of my daily regimen of keeping my life in balance. I practice what I preach. My mission is to support others to find an outlet to connect, body, mind and soul through creativity. It’s incredibly satisfying to assist a person in realizing their true potential.

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach utilizing art and psychology to help improve lives by treating emotional and behavioral disorders. Through the art making process the participants can express their emotions and heal what is causing their anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Art therapists are master-level clinicians trained to create therapeutic relationships with the participants to facilitate opportunities that will improve cognition, self-awareness, self-esteem, increase coping and social skills. The sessions are tailored to meet your emotional needs.

My clinical experience has been a cognitive-behavioral approach to treat depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Art therapy is a way for you to visually see what’s going on in your mind, learn new ways to change your thinking patterns, which leads to creating a new world for you to experience. I teach tools that embody change and offer real results. My practice is trauma-informed and based on ethical practices.

I have an artistic solution for you. It would be honored to hold space for you. I am committed to your transformation.

"Art making can rewire your brain’s plasticity, which allows for you to be more flexible and adaptable."
~National Library of Medicine~

How is art therapy beneficial online?

What is great about online sessions is that there is no traffic. You can do it in your home wearing your pajamas. It’s important to find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Please wear headphones. You will be using your own art supplies.

Science supports nurturing creativity to improve mental health and every area of your life.

"Art-making allows one to reframe experiences, reorganize thoughts, and gain personal insights that enhance your quality of life."
~National Library of Medicine~

  • ​Get into the creative flow
  • ​Research shows reduces cortisol levels (stress hormone)
  • ​Produces oxytocin
  • ​Rewires brain’s plasticity
  • ​Provides self-development
  • ​Increases coping skills
  • ​Honor your emotions
  • ​Self-expression

Appy to work with me.
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"Thank you for your encouragement and providing me skills to find the power within myself to accomplish goals, believe I am worth all I want to achieve, begin to create and dream for the future again. I’m so thankful everyday that you are a trusted guide on my life journey and were the soul to hear my cry to the universe when I needed a physical answer the most.
Thank you for all you do and thank you for sharing your wisdom and healing energy."

~K.T. from Michigan~

“I was specifically trying to heal my inner child in various ways so drawing & doodling freely easily allowed me to access this area”.

~S.S. from New Jersey~

“Leah was gentle, loving and supportive keeping me accountable to my goals and reminding me of my power to choose in every moment. The sessions unfolded organically and I was challenged to create rituals and rhythms in my practice. This consistency created a structure that guided me through a series of paintings. I felt sometimes as if I were in magic school ~ her energy is contagious. I didn’t want the sessions to end.”

~A.R. from New York~

I had been wanting to work with Leah for a couple of years before I contacted her. I am so glad I made the investment in myself to work with such a beautiful exuberant soul who helped me to explore and disempower the chaos in my thoughts. Leah is nurturing and encouraging making it fun to sit with those typically stressful thoughts to better understand their root cause while identifying action steps toward becoming the best version of yourself.”

~ L.R. from Florida~

“I loved doing a sessions with Leah. It helped me tune into myself and gain clarity. I filled out Leah’s survey beforehand so she had a good understanding of my current state. In our session, she drew upon my survey and we had an effective discussion about who and where I am. She had me do a short meditation with visualization which grounded and inspired, and energized me. Then we did an art project (I painted with watercolors) to express what I felt. This helped me better understand myself and do inner work in order to manifest what I want. Doing the meditation and art project makes for a very different experience than other types of healing and coaching. As a visual person who loves art and craft projects, I found this to be very healing and energizing, especially with Leah’s uplifting energy! Thank you Leah!“

~M.H. from New York~

How it works:

When you register for a FREE CONSULTATION, you’ll answer a few important questions that will prepare me for our time together, including what you’d like to focus on, where you’re getting stuck, and your vision. This is not an art therapy session.

If it's a fit for us to work together then we will schedule our art therapy sessions.

Option 1

Investment: Pay in full $2800
includes 14 individual sessions with full year Creative Soul Society Membership and
BONUS 21 Day Healing Art Journal Experience

Option 2

Investment: $234 month
includes 14 individual sessions with full year Creative Soul Society Membership

Sessions are 1 hour each, of guided art making and full of value. I will be supporting you on your journey of self-discovery and healing. You’ll have clear action items following our sessions.