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We are a global collective of creatives who value art and mental well-being. 

We gather online to make art together that reflects on different aspects of our lives.

We love healing, manifesting, chakras, art therapy, inspiring artists, and learning new techniques. 

What We Are About

  • Learn Self-Care Techniques
  • ​​Experience Art Therapy
  • ​​Heal Past Trauma
  • ​​Turn Wounds into Wisdom
  • ​​Creative Expression of Emotions
  • ​​Connect with Mind, Body, and Soul
  • ​​Safe Space to Express Yourself
  • ​​Create Your Personalized Life Plan
  • ​​Learn Manifesting Techniques
  • ​​Decrease Stress and Worry
  • ​​Gain Inspiration
  • ​​Connect With Your Soul
  • ​​Stand in Your Power
  • ​​Connect with an Art Community
  • ​​Reclaim Your Art Practice
  • ​​Positive Tribe and Vibes
  • ​​Create Heart Centered Friendships
  • ​​Achieve Your Goals
  • ​​Celebrate Yourself
  • ​Nurture Your Creative Side

Imagine Being In The Creative Flow

How does membership work?

I created the Creative Soul Society so I can connect with you in a sacred space online. There is power when we create together. It amplifies the healing and manifesting process.

The membership fee is $37.00 a month and includes all our meetups. It is billed monthly membership. As a member you have access to replays and past sessions in the portal. You can cancel membership anytime.

If you join TODAY you will get the membership for $33.00 a month! Save $48 a year today!

You can also pay for a full year for $333.00 (save $63.00 NOW!)

50 +

100 +


This is a safe space to express yourself.

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What we stand for

Creative Soul Manifesto

Art is a superpower. Abundance comes to us when we do the healing work and when we get clear with our desires. We practice the tools for healing. We implement the tools for manifesting our desires through our creative practice.

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On the path to living my best life!

“I was searching for answers to find a new career path that spoke to my soul. What I discovered with Leah’s community, course and mentorship was so much more than I ever could have imagined! I am on the path to living my best life with the freedom and soul purpose I have been asking for!"

Founder Aurora for Therapeutic Art for Wellness:
Finding Your Intuitive Life Purpose
Jami Marie Ambrosky

Loved it!

"I love working with Leah. She has a very warm and supportive energy. We worked one one one on her art for healing and manifesting program so it was focused on my personal needs. We touched on a lot of art and creative business growth but also touched on aspects more personal for healing and self-care. Each session always left me with something to reflect upon on. I loved that the program had parts where we discussed business growth but also art therapy . Having someone that understands both aspects and had techniques on how to balance both was very important to me as I love art and creating and want to grow as a business but also love the therapy and healing aspect of painting and creating. I truly loved and cherished our sessions and it taught me different tools to build on a groundwork to continue on growing on my creative and personal journey."

 Raquel Fuentes, Artist

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