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 I support creatives with healing and manifesting their desires through art therapy services and coaching.

I've written 3 art therapy books, "The Art of Healing and Manifesting: Creative Exercises to Living an Abundant Life, "Essential Art Therapy Exercises: Effective Techniques to Manage Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD", and a children's book, "RAD is SMAD!!" .

My signature program, Art of Healing and Manifesting, supports creatives by healing any emotional wounds and transforming your mess into your message. You can use all your gifts and make money in your creative business. The online membership, Creative Soul Society, is a monthly self-care art making group. Lastly, I do offer online art therapy sessions where we focus on the law of attraction. spirituality, and cognitive-behavioral art therapy techniques. Everything in life is interconnected. I'm here to support you in up leveling every area of your life.

It's an honor to have helped thousands of individuals find more joy, wealth, and peace in their lives through my books, individual, and group programs.

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Even therapists need therapy, and as an Art Therapist, I deeply believe that each piece of art I create is like a therapy session, giving me an outlet for whatever challenges I’m working through. I pursued art therapy because I knew what a significant impact it could make in the lives of those who are dealing with depression, PTSD, anxiety, and life’s many other challenges.

Creating art can be life-changing, and as a Board-Certified Art Therapist, I get the incredible opportunity to offer online therapy sessions that provide healing and transformation. I truly believe life is your masterpiece. I also guide creatives to use their art as a superpower and create businesses with their passion.

My Story

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I've been an artist all my life. I've been practicing art therapy for 20 years. I always made it for myself. It was a way to process my emotions. In 2012, when my kids were young I had a dark night of the soul. I lacked self-care and it led me to burn out. I got support from an art therapist which helped me realize what I really wanted.  

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It was through this healing process that I realized I wanted to make an impact with my art and services. I gave my art and self-care practice attention. I focused on using my art and services as a catalyst for manifesting. I like to think of myself as an art alchemist. I've had the opportunity for gallery representation, a solo show, and most importantly supporting other creatives in their glow up.

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Since then I've written 3 best selling art therapy books. I've been offering online art therapy services. My favorite has been coaching creatives to level up their life and businesses. It lights me up to see them shine!

I believe art is your superpower!

  • Benefit: You can learn the tools for using art to heal in the Creative Soul Society
  • Feature: Receive individual coaching or art therapy to support your mental well-being
  • Ripple Effect: You can take your own experiences and use it as a way to support others
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I've seen so many lives transformed!

Art has been a life saver for me. I've seen the abundance come to me when I did the healing work and got clear with my desires. You can learn the tools for healing and manifesting your desires as well through your creative practice.

Step into your creative transformation today!
Make ripple effects in your own life and to those around you.

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You have an opportunity to make a change now!
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